Treating Greasy Stains on Shirts and Blouses.

Here at Sunny Laundry and Dry Cleaning Company, we’re frequently asked about the best way to treat greasy stains, especially on collars and cuffs on shirts and blouses.

First thing to note is that the most common causes are body oils (sweat), make-up, perfume or hair care products. Sometimes, and in particularly in the case of perfume, oxidation can cause the garment can turn yellow.

Key to removing stains is to get the garment washed as quickly as possible. Here’s three things you can try to remove stubborn stains.

Sunny Dry Cleaners Dirty Collar
Washing-Up Liquid

1 – If the stain looks particularly bad, try soaking the stained part of the garment in vinegar before washing.

2 – You can also try either shampoo or washing-up liquid. Both have been formulated to remove grease (either from your hair or your dirty dishes), so they can be very effective stain removers for your clothes as well.

Try rubbing some shampoo or washing-up liquid onto the stain and allow it to soak into the garment. If you’re using washing-up liquid, mix it with some warm water and leave on the stain for about an hour before placing it into the washing machine.

3 – The last tip we sometimes give is to use aspirin. Surprisingly, it’s great for getting rid of the headache associated with greasy clothes (did you like our little joke?). Dissolve 2 to 3 aspirin in warm water and then apply to the stain, leaving it to soak for up several hours before using it in the washing machine. Aspirin is also particularly good for perspiration stains under the arms.

If you just can’t shift the grease, drop it into us and we’ll be happy to have a go at removing even the toughest stain from your shirt or blouse.

We hope you find this tip helpful. Let us know how you got on or if you have any tips of your own for dealing with collars and cuffs. And feel free to send on questions which we’ll try to cover in future articles.

Have a Sunny Day.

Your Sunny Team

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