Specific Terms and Conditions relating to the Dry Cleaning of Curtains

Below is a list of information which all customers should be aware of when leaving curtains in for dry cleaning.

  1. While being cleaned, curtains can shrink, especially if it is the first time for them to be cleaned. The customer should not be alarmed at this, as after hanging for 10–14 days, they normally come back to their usual length.

  2. Curtains with Blackout lining cannot be dry cleaned through the normal dry cleaning process. The linings melt or disintegrate causing damage to the filters in our machines. We can send them to be cleaned, to Bohans (Cork) but only if they have no tears. Any curtain with a tear will be refused by Bohans as the tears exaggerate when cleaned.

  3. The lining of the curtain can come apart. This is no fault of ours as it depends on how well the lining is stitched to the curtain. Some linings are just tacked to the curtain and we cannot be held responsible for it coming apart. Again, you should not be alarmed at this as we can re stitch the lining at a reasonable cost.

  4. The edges of the curtains can fray due to sunlight damaging the fabric. This is not damage caused through the dry cleaning process and we cannot be held responsible for this.

  5. Some linings can tear. This is down to wear and tear but can also be because of sunlight weakening the fabric. There is nothing we can do to prevent this.

  6. Rings on curtains can pop out or can even melt. Again, there is nothing we can do to prevent this and we will only clean the curtains going by the care label or the consent of you the customer.

  7. Mildew on curtains can come out but only if it is fresh! When we say fresh we mean a couple of days old. Mildew when set in does not come out through the dry cleaning process.

  8. Yellow or brown stains on the curtains can be from the sunlight. This is damage to the lining and NOT a stain that can come out through the dry cleaning process.

  9. The smells and stains from pets’ urine do not come out fully through the dry cleaning process. If you are concerned regarding this, you should contact specialists in this field i.e. carpet cleaners…Also, the ammonia in pets’ urine when reacting with the chemical (perc) during the dry cleaning process, can sometimes take the colour out of the curtain leaving it with a faded mark.

  10. Curtains may have designs printed or sprayed onto them. These designs can fade or completely disappear during the dry cleaning process. Again, the curtains will not be cleaned without your consent.