To all of our ‘Sunny’ customers.

We want to inform you that we had a fire at our central HQ last night in Naas (April 17th). Thankfully, the premises were empty then, so there were no injuries.

While we lost some equipment, the damage was restricted to one area and there was minimal impact on our customers’ garments.

We are running again in a limited way. Our HQ is currently closed to the public until further notice.

So how does this impact you, our customers?

If your garments are delayed, we’ll call you over the next 2 to 3 days to let you know the status. 

We’d ask our customers not to come to our HQ (the Factory) as you cannot access the premises.

  1. If you were due to collect anything from any of our depots yesterday, these should be ready for collection as anticipated.
  2. There are some items which we hadn’t started work on. We’ll get to these with the machines at our other locations, but it will be delayed for several days.
  3. There are some items which were completed but will need to be redone. 
  4. There were a small number of items which were unfortunately destroyed. We’ll be in contact with these customers directly to keep you up to date and to outline measures we will take to make it right.

For emergencies, please call your local ‘Sunny’ shop and they will be able to update you on the status of your garments.

We’d like to thank you for your understanding and patience as we try to navigate our way through the next few days. 


  1. Were my garments impacted? The vast majority of garments were not affected by the fire. They will, however, need to be redone to ensure that they are returned to you in the condition you would expect. A small number of garments were destroyed; once we have identified all of these, we will contact the impacted customers directly. We hope that this will be by April 21st.
  2. My garments were due for completion by April 17th. When can I get them? Garments due to be picked up from any of our stores can be picked up as usual. Garments which were in our HQ will not be ready for collection until Tuesday 25th. These will be available for collection from our Naas Friary Road store.
  3. My garments were due for collection after April 17th. When can I have them? These garments will be delayed by several days. We hope to have them ready for collection from Tuesday, April 25th and will call you as soon as they are available for collection.
  4. Will I be reimbursed for garments which were destroyed? We would ask for your patience and understanding as we work with our insurance company to work out compensation.
  5. When will you be back to normal? We are on hold with the insurance company regarding cleaning the premises after the fire. An update will be made as soon as we hear from them.
  6. Can I still drop garments off to you for cleaning / ironing etc.? Yes, you can and we’d love to see your faces in our stores.
  7. I really need to get my garments back and can’t wait. First of all, we’d ask you to please bear with us. We’re working as quickly as possible to catch up. If there’s an emergency and you really need your items back, please get in touch with your local Sunny store (stores listed below), and the team will work with you to get your items back as soon as possible.